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Unique health and wellbeing solutions revitalising you

Most people are unsure about what good nutrition is for their body. Uniquely Created U provides tailored programs shaped by nutritional expertise combined with medical support which gives our clients clarity, enhanced health and revitalised wellbeing.

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Our Unique Approach

Most people are unable to sustain healthy behavioural change and rely on reward-based extrinsic motivators, such as diet plans. Uniquely Created U incorporates strategies that support clients in the development of intrinsic motivation, resulting in lifestyle transformation. 

This is achieved through specially designed psychological tests, consultation techniques and accountability. Our clients are further invested in evidence-based nutrition and health education seminars. These contribute to an individual’s transformation and provides them with the tools to avoid being misled by fad diets and non-factual health information.

How We Can Help You

Knowledge and motivation are fundamental elements needed in order to make a positive change in health and wellbeing.

But how do you get that knowledge and keep on track?


Uniquely Created U helps you reach your goals and sustain them.  This is achieved through various techniques, all-important in guiding you along your journey of transformation.  


Take advantage of specialist advice and learn of real-life successes which you can also experience in your own life.

Nutritional assessment and guidance
Weight management support
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About Us

Uniquely Created Nutrition and Health was created because we believe we are all uniquely created and shaped for greatness.

We are here to help you become the best version of yourself, through expert support and sustained behaviour change. For this reason, we commonly go by the name ‘Uniquely Created U’.

The Founders

Mrs Vanessa Peat

UCU Managing Director

    Medical Science (BSc)
    Nutritional Medical Science (BSc)
    Performance Nutrition (PGDip)
    Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)
    Certified Personal Trainer

Dr Nicholas Peat

UCU Managing Director

    General Medical Practitioner (MB BS)
    Neuroscience with Medical Science (BSc.)
    Nutritional Medicine (PGDip)
    Royal College of General Practice Membership (MRCGP)

For speaking engagements, brand and press enquiries, please contact media@ucunutrition.com or call 01604 320 346.

What our clients say about us


"I find the course energetic and inspiring. After each session, I felt more relaxed. My energy level was raised when doing the exercises.
Vanessa was very professional she inspired me to achieve my goals.I find her advice on nutrition very helpful"


Mrs Royal


Our tailored programs are shaped by nutritional expertise and combined with medical support. We work within an expert multidisciplinary team setting to meet our client’s goals, providing clarity, enhanced health and revitalised wellbeing.


We see clients online and offer face to face appointments in Central London and Northamptonshire. 

Get back on track with living your best

For help, education and consultation call 01604 320 346

Say hello@ucunutrition.com

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Public Speaking and Press Enquiries

For public speaking and press enquiries please contact enquiries@ucunutrition.com



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