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Plus Size Models

How are you feeling today?

Talk to us about your health.

Together we will identify how to improve your everyday wellbeing. 

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Your team of nutrition focused health professionals

We match you with the right specialists on our multidisciplinary team.

Our registered nutritionists and medical professionals provide a wide range of expertise and support for weight loss, body composition, gut health, eating disorders, menopause and diabetes management.

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"After each session, I felt more relaxed. My energy level was raised when doing the exercises. Vanessa was very professional she inspired me to achieve my goals."

A healthy lifestyle includes a good diet, regular exercise and traditional medicine...

... but that's easier said than done!

Mrs. Vanessa Peat

As a Performance Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I have the pleasure of working with young athletes and sporting professionals. I love being part of the transformation made by each of our clients.


Dr. Nicholas Peat

I’ve been a GP in the NHS for over 10 years and had the honour of looking after 1000s of patients. I love helping people feel better as quickly as possible, while improving long-term health.

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Are you ready to treat yourself to a healthy lifestyle?

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