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Mrs Vanessa Peat

UCU Managing Director

Mrs Vanessa Peat

At a point in my teens I struggled with a period of disordered eating, as a result of negative comments about my body image. This led to skipped meals and restricted eating, resulting in the development of headaches, fatigue and light headedness. Thankfully, I overcame this episode after being inspired by the life of Dr Ben Carson, the famous African-American neurosurgeon. My mindset changed, I experienced a renewed vision and was reminded that I was unique and good enough.

Dr Ben Carson had a significant impact on my academic journey. Having read his biography, “Gifted Hands”, his experience really resonated with me as I was struggling at school and finding it incredibly challenging to have a positive outlook. At the time I had no idea that I had three undiagnosed learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyspraxia and visual stress. These were diagnosed as an adult at university. Dr Carson’s journey gave me the determination to never give up and remain focused on achieving my goals. I later went on to complete two undergraduate degrees. In my second undergraduate degree I obtained first class honours from University College London in Nutritional Medical Science.

I became passionate about nutrition after my husband had emergency surgery to treat a bowel perforation, which was later diagnosed as Crohn’s disease. At that time I witnessed the positive impact holistic lifestyle change can have on improving life quality for not only ourselves, but that of our children and extended families.

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