Dr Nicholas Peat

UCU Clinical Director

Dr Nicholas Peat

My Personal Story
In 2008 I experienced a life changing event that caused immense physical pain, weight loss and a period of fear and uncertainty about what my future might hold. That event was a spontaneous rupture of my small bowel, infection and inflammation of my abdomen, emergency surgery and the resulting loss of 30cm of my small intestine. The diagnosis given to this awful occurrence was severe crohn’s disease.

Strange as it might sound, about 1-2 years prior to this difficult time I had a sense that in the near future I was going to experience a physical loss. This generated statements like, “We really should think about improving our diet” or “I think we are having too much sugar”, whilst drinking a home made hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top!

Why did it take for me to suffer all that pain and loss? Why did it take all that before I acted on my thoughts to improve my diet and lifestyle, which would have reduced the risk of this occurring? I have been remarkably fortunate to have never taken a steroid or any other type of pharmaceutical to bring about complete and sustain remission of the disease. This was achieved through significant dietary and lifestyle changes, which are easy to maintain.

I hear stories similar to mine all the time. For example, I’ve seen many patients only stop smoking after developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or lung cancer and others having suffered a heart attack, suddenly improve their health seeking behaviours.

The point is, it doesn’t have to happen this way. When a person acts on my advice I am always amazed to see the results, weight is lost, energy increases, stress reduces and there are smiles and thanks of gratitude all around. But the problem is this - most of us lack the motivation needed to generate the change our hearts and minds tell us.

This is why I jointly founded Uniquely Created U; to educate, support and drive sustained lifestyle change, transforming your mindset and shaping healthy behavioural change for a lifetime.