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Our multidisciplinary team is shaped by nutritional expertise and backed by medical professionals.

We provide dedicated support to help you enjoy better nutrition, fitness, mindset and lifestyle. 

Select one of our tried and tested care plans, or mix and match our services. 


Each care plan is designed over 12 weeks and features 1-2-1 support from our multidisciplinary team.


£82.50 per week

Get on track to better nutritional health with bespoke support, designed for your body type and health goals. Starting with a review of your current diet, we will understand any concerns or challenges you face, and discuss what you want to achieve. Your dedicated nutritionist or dietician will arrange a call with you every other week, to guide and monitor your progress. The final consultation will take place during week 12 when we will evaluate your improvements and share our recommendations for your ongoing nutritional health.

Plan 1 has helped clients suffering with a wide range of health issues, such as body image and menopause - and we have supported many patients to prepare for major operations and life events.


£197.50 per week

 Reshape your nutrition and strengthen your mindset with bespoke guidance and regular support. This care plan includes the full medical review, plus all the nutritional expertise services detailed in Plan 1 and a private session with our lifestyle & behavioural change coach, on alternate weeks. This program will help you gain control over old habits, establish better eating and sleeping patterns, so you can achieve your health goals and maintain them.

Plan 2 has helped clients struggling with weight issues and supported patients in reversing type 2 diabetes and reducing the risk of dementia. 


£436.25 per week

Kick start your journey to better health and improved fitness with this comprehensive 12 week program. You will benefit from our full range of expertise, tailored to you by dedicated healthcare professionals. This care plan includes the nutritional expertise and lifestyle coaching detailed in Plans 1 & 2, plus a comprehensive blood screening, personalised nutrition plan, and 3 personal training sessions each week. Our multidisciplinary team will analyse the results of your medical and blood tests, to produce your detailed report and share tailored recommendations in the final consultation, to support your ongoing care and long term health.

Plan 3 has helped to transform the lives of many clients by kick starting the journey to better health.

Preliminary Consultation
Review Consultation
Nutrition & Dietetics
Food & Fitness App
Lifestyle & Behavioural Change
Essential Fats Analysis
Medical Review
Blood Screening
Nutrition Plan
Fitness Evaluation
Personal Training


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Preliminary Consultation

We will invite you for a preliminary consultation (in person) to discuss how you’re feeling, talk about any specific concerns, and understand what you want to achieve with our help. Our multidisciplinary team will review your medical history and evaluate your current diet, fitness and lifestyle. We know the holistic approach delivers the best results for patient care. Once we have a better understanding of your medical needs and health goals, we can customise your care plan.

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Food & Fitness App

Track your progress via the SenPro app (synced to MyFitnessPal app) and share the data with us in real time. Features include:

  • Log food and drink intake

  • Monitor habits, step count and fitness activities

  • Nutrition tips based on consumption and activity

  • Access the library of menus and recipes

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Blood Screening

Your blood samples will be sent for comprehensive screening at our preferred labs in the UK.  The reports can include hormone and cell mapping, plus analysis of your proteins, glucose, and cholesterol. With this detailed view of your whole body composition, we are able to identify any deficiencies or potential future risk factors, then tailor your nutrition plan to nourish your specific dietary needs.

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Nutrition Plan

Our dieticians and nutritionists will create a detailed nutrition plan, based on the analysis of your body composition provided by the medical review, blood tests and our evaluation of your current nutritional intake. Your personalised nutrition plan is designed to nourish your individual dietary needs and to help achieve your health goals.

Asset 26.png

Nutrition & Dietetics

Eat better and feel better with support from our nutrition and dietetics experts. We provide tailored advice and individual support to suit your lifestyle and fulfil your dietary needs. Our performance nutritionist and dietitian will combine the knowledge you need to improve your gut health and nutritional wellbeing.

Asset 25.png

Medical Review

Our multidisciplinary team will review your clinical history and gather all the data needed to complete a full health assessment. During your preliminary consultation the medical team will complete your clinical examination, which includes evaluation of your cardiovascular, respiratory, gastroenterological and urogenital systems.

Asset 23.png

Fitness Evaluation

This is a comprehensive examination of your body composition and level of fitness. The evaluation features a bespoke fitness assessment, tailored to your needs. We will invite you for a follow up consultation to share your result with our recommendations for improving your fitness.

Asset 3.png

Final Consultation

We will invite you for a final appointment at the end of your care plan. Together we will review the progress made towards your health goals and share our recommendations for your ongoing nutritional wellbeing.

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Lifestyle &

Behavioural Change

Together we will identify and implement the changes you need to improve the relationship between body and mind. With expert guidance from our lifestyle and behavioural change coaches, we can help you break old patterns and establish better habits to support your long term health.

Asset 20.png

Essential Fats Analysis

With a simple pin prick blood test, our preferred lab in Norway will analyse all the essential fats in your body composition, such as your ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6. This analysis can reveal any imbalances linked to cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, and other potential health issues. We will harness this data to create your personalised nutrition plan and identify any supplements you may need.

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Personal Training

Bespoke exercise program designed to suit your lifestyle and achieve your health goals. Our team of qualified personal trainers are experienced in working with all kinds of clients - from athletes to the elderly and from injured to fully fit. We provide private, 1-2-1 fitness classes (online) so we can ensure you receive the optimal mix of cardio, core strength, flexibility and weight training.



We see clients remotely (on the phone and video call) and provide face to face appointments at our office in Northamptonshire. We can arrange private consultations in central London and other locations around the country. 


Payments & Discounts:

We request a 10% deposit to book your Care Plan, followed by 3 equal payments due at the end of weeks 3, 6 and 9. 

We offer 10% discount on any Care Plan, when you pay in full at the time of booking.

Services & Fees:


General Practitioner (for lifestyle and nutrition support) - 15 minute consultation / £30

Blood Test - from £39


We're here to help

If you want dedicated, expert support to improve your health and wellbeing with nutrition - don't hesitate to get in touch.

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