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Our multidisciplinary team is shaped by nutritional expertise and backed by medical professionals.

We provide dedicated support to help you enjoy better nutrition, fitness, mindset and lifestyle.

Take back control and resolve your troublesome IBS symptoms

Find out more about our 12-week IBS Recovery Course

Preliminary Consultation

Each preliminary consultation will involve an analysis of your medical history, nutrition, health and lifestyle, including a body composition evaluation.

Get on track to better nutritional health with bespoke support, designed for your body type and health goals.


Step 1 - At the start of your preliminary journey we will review your medical history to allow our own health and lifestyle doctor to comprehensively review your health.

Step 2 - 4 hour nutrition, health and lifestyle consultation.

This includes:

  • Body composition analysis

  • Health, nutrition, and lifestyle review

  • Dementia risk evaluation

  • Mindset review

Step 3 - Food diary log and evaluation using the Nutritics App

Step 4 - You will receive an extensive written report and invited to book a follow up consultation.

Step 5 - In person or online follow up consultation with uniquely created recommendations for you.

Unique Plan

Together we work with you to formulate a unique and bespoke plan to address your goals.


Your unique plan will be delivered over an initial 12-week period culminating in a progress consultation and further recommendations bespoke to you.

This process will help you gain control over old habits and establish better eating and sleeping patterns so you can achieve your health goals and maintain them.

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Our plans are formulated specifically for your unique situation to address the health issues or lifestyle changes that you would like to achieve.

Your initial 12-week plan will be tailored to suit your circumstances and will include 1-2-1 support every step of the way.

Unique Plans

Our Unique Plans can include the following elements

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Asset 19.png

Blood Screening

Asset 25.png

Medical Review

Asset 26.png

Essential Fats Analysis

Asset 20.png

Nutrition & Dietetics

Asset 21.png

Lifestyle &

Behavioural Change

Asset 22.png

Food & Fitness App

Asset 16.png

Fitness Evaluation

Asset 24.png

Personal Training


We're here to help

If you want dedicated, expert support to improve your health and wellbeing with nutrition - don't hesitate to get in touch.

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