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Why salad sucks for IBS sufferers.

Eating salads may be challenging for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and symptoms will vary considerably.

Summer salads often also include high-fibre vegetables like raw cabbage and onions which can trigger symptoms in some people. This fibre can be difficult to digest and may lead to gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that can provide similar nutritional value without worsening IBS symptoms.

1. Lettuce, although generally well-tolerated and contains mainly insoluble fibre, can potentially trigger symptoms in very sensitive individuals. Try chard or spinach which may be easier to digest.

2. Celery or grated carrot adds texture, both are low FODMAP which are less likely to cause digestive issues.

3. Steaming vegetables can help break down the fibre while still retaining nutritional value. Try courgettes, green beans, or peppers.

4. Seeds in moderation are nutritious. Add pumpkin, sesame, or sunflower seeds.

5. Some salad dressings can aggravate your IBS due to high fat content or inclusion of dairy products. Make your own dressings using olive oil and/or vinegar.

Our dedicated team at UCU specialise in IBS and can provide personalised guidance and uniquely tailored 1-2-1 support to help you identify your own specific triggers and help you manage your symptoms.

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