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Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small data file, often including a unique identifier, which is sent to your computer, mobile phone or other device by the web server so the website can remember some information about the browsing activity on our website. Cookies collect information relating to your use of our website and services, information about your device, such as the device’s IP address and browser type, broad location and, if you arrived at our site via a link from a third-party site and the URL of the linking page. Numerous cookies contain a cookie ID. This is a unique identifier of the cookie and can recognise which internet browser is used.


The website uses the following cookies:


Essential Cookies

These cookies enable core functionality such as security, verification of identity and network management. Without these cookies, parts of our websites will not function. These cookies do not track where you have been on the internet, they do not remember preferences beyond your current visit, nor do they gather information about you that could be used for marketing purposes. These cookies are usually session cookies which will expire when you close your browsing session.


Marketing Cookies

These cookies are used to track advertising effectiveness to provide a more relevant service and deliver better ads to suit your interests. Without these cookies any advertising you might encounter will be generic and not tailored to your personal preferences.


Functional Cookies

These cookies collect data to remember choices users make to improve and give a more personalised experience. This information is usually anonymous, and the data allows your preferences to be remember for the next time you use the site. They do not track your use of the internet or gather information that could be used for advertising purposes.


Analytics Cookies

These cookies help us to understand how visitors interact with our website, discover errors, and provide better overall analytics. These cookies provide statistical data on the patterns of user behaviour on the site. This information can be used to improve the experience of website visitors or identify maintenance issues on the site. The information is anonymous and does not collect any of your personal information.

As the name implies, Essential cookies, are necessary and therefore cannot be disabled. Whereas, Marketing, Functional and Analytics cookies can be disabled at your discretion. You should select ‘Setting’ at the cookies prompt to select which cookies you are willing to allow.



For further information please email:

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