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Keep it simple, 
keep it moving.

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With just a few adjustments to your everyday nutrition & fitness, you can enjoy excellent results.


Both our company Founders identify as neurodivergent - as do some of our clients. 


Neurodiversity is the idea that there are many unique ways to think, behave, and learn.


We wholeheartedly embrace this strength into the way we care for each client.

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We provide the full range of nutritional consultancy backed by medical expertise.

Meet our founders:

Vanessa Peat: Performance Nutritionist - Uniquely Created You

Mrs. Vanessa Peat

Performance Nutritionist & Registered Associate Nutritionist

Having suffered from an eating disorder as a teenager, I know first-hand the struggles with food and self worth.


My personal experiences led me to become a personal trainer and go on to study nutrition at University College London, and further qualify at the Institute of Performance Nutrition.


As a mother of two, I understand the importance of having a good relationship with food and sharing that in the family.

Inspired by Dr Ben Carson’s biography, “Gifted Hands”, I love working with clients and seeing the difference in body composition and mental well-being, by good nutrition and regular exercise.

Medical Science (BSc)
Nutritional Medical Science (BSc)
Performance Nutrition (PGDip)
Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)
Certified Personal Trainer

Dr. Nicholas Peat

General Medical Practitioner

Nutrition is a crucial element to enjoying good health, yet it is not widely supported by National Health services.


Some years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. With nutritional and lifestyle changes I was able to control the symptoms and no longer suffer any pain.


As a graduate of University College London and Surrey University, with 10 years experience as a general practitioner, I have helped 1000s of patients achieve significant life changes and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.


General Medical Practitioner (MB BS)
Neuroscience with Medical Science (BSc.)
Nutritional Medicine (PGDip)
Royal College of General Practice Membership (MRCGP)

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We care for clients at our clinic in Northamptonshire and deliver services remotely via telephone or video calls.


"After each session, I felt more relaxed. My energy level was raised when doing the exercises. Vanessa was very professional she inspired me to achieve my goals."

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No matter what your health goals - from weight loss to menopause management - we will identify what needs to change and support you to achieve life-changing results.

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